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Olympic rider Leslie Reid

Canadian olympic rider Leslie Reid and her PRE

Olympic rider Leslie Reid bought her PRE from us 2010, we selected and matched her a horse fullfilling the following criterias

1. Mind, conformation and movements for international dressage
2. A satsifaction to train all the way up the levels
3. Passing piro and a 5***** prepurchase exam and a set of 50 xrays.

We are hoping to see Leslie and Kobal in international top levels of dressage and I invite you to follow their progress and story here;

Video clinic with Christine Traurig February 2014;

March 2014: http://vikingapre.bloggplatsen.se/2014/03/15/10601893-update-leslie-reid-kobal-in-clinic-with-charlotte-dujardin/

February 2014; http://vikingapre.bloggplatsen.se/2014/02/04/10523812-update-on-leslie-reid-and-her-pre/ 

January 2010; http://horsespre.blogspot.com.es/2010/01/we-present-good-rider.html

Leslie Reid with Kobal Cen in clinic with Charlotte Dujardin March 2014

Canadian olympic rider Leslie Reid and her PRE - Vikinga Sales & Breeding
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