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Testimonial Julie Keany USA

I am writing this as a testimonial to Viktoria Sandberg's professional services.  We contacted Viktoria via email several months before our scheduled visit to Spain.  We went to Spain in search of our dream horse. We were looking for a stallion that would excel in the open dressage market. We had very specific list of criteria which included he had to be at least 16 hands, temperament was a priority for us and of course the quality of the horse both in movement and morphology and we did not want a gray horse. Before coming to Spain we reviewed probably a dozen or more horses and had our list is hand when we went. We were splitting our time with two different PRE consultants in Spain in order to cover all our bases. We met first with Viktoria and the entire process was very professional. We visited professional barns with quality horses being ridden by trainers. As is typical in Spain, they bring out several other horses for you to see rather than just the one you came to visit.  Viktoria was very helpful in evaluating each horse for the quality of movement that would win in the open dressage world. After several days it was time for us to move on to the next consultant. We had one horse in mind that was at the top of our list from Viktoria but were excited to see the next group of horses. Unfortunately that experience was very different. We went to mostly personal farms to see individually owned horses, sometimes with no riding area and very far apart which meant hours of driving in one day to see one horse. We returned to the US and we asked Viktoria to vet the horse that was at the top of the list she had showed us. Sadly, he did not pass the vetting. Viktoria began looking for another horse and found two incredible stallions for us. We purchased both stallions and then two mares all with just the videos, pictures and mostly from the advice from Viktoria. We even asked her to go ride Pirata before our final decision as I knew her skill as a rider and wanted her personal evaluation. It came with a resounding yes. We could not be more excited about our horses and our future with our breeding program. All of our horses have incredible movement, top conformation, and stellar temperaments.

The most important words I can express here is how comfortable you feel when working with Viktoria.  You know she is working for you, to find you the horse you want with the specifications you ask for.  You never feel she is closer to the seller and working for him which is not always the case with consultants.  Her scope of knowledge fully encompasses the PRE in every aspect. She is a FEI dressage rider, an instructor, the owner of qualified stallions who compete in dressage, and a breeder who knows how to match mares to stallions. I do not think you can find a more qualified consultant. 

Please visit our website to see our beautiful herd of PREs.  www.capriolefarms.com

Julie Keany

Testimonial Julie Keany USA - Vikinga Sales & Breeding
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