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Palomino stallion born 2013

Palomino stallion born 2013 - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Born: 2013                                                Photo; January 2016
Breeder: Vikinga PRE
Dam: Rocio Catorce
Sire: Deseado CCXXXIX
Colour: Palomino
Genecode: ggeeAACCrppchchzz
Height: 165cm
Breedingstatus; APTO 2016

Brillantino VIK - Palomino with fantastic movements, modern type and classic bloodlines!

Brillantino is a palomino with outstanding movments. He has a totally correct conformation and a absolutely beautiful head, his height is estimated to end up around 165 cm. 'Tino' has started his work by hand, he is agile, balanced and learns quickly. His quality and colour makes him a exclusive young stallion and interesting stallion for both breeding and dressage! 

'Tino' is genetically tested and give the possible colour to his offspring; 
Bay, buckskin, chestnut, palomino, cremello, grey and perlino, the result depending on the genetics of the mare.

You are welcome to consult, if your mare is genetically tested, to predict your mares offspring in combination with Brillantino's chart. 
Brillantino is available on TAI fresh semen for a limited time in spring 2016 and on FAI frozen semen.

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