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DONOSO VII - Calificado FEI dressage PRE Champion

DONOSO VII - Calificado  FEI dressage  PRE Champion - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

Born: 2002
Breeder:  Yeguada Soto Gil S.L
Dam: Donosa VIII
Sire: Garboso XXXV
Färg: Dark bay (EEAagg)
Height: 164 cm
Breedingstatus; Reproductor Calificado

Donoso VII - Calificado international PRE stallion competing advanced level dressage!

Donoso VII has a complete PRE curriculum with championtitles and merits from participating in the most important PRE championships including SICAB, currently competing Intermediate I dressage and training level Grand Prix. He is graded Qualified stud (Reproductor Calificado, TRC) and included in Worldwide breedingprogram with semen available in Europe, Australia and USA. Donoso VII has proven to have strong genetics (via Agente, Obcedado and Bizarro IV) bringing down his fantastic temperament, beauty and wonderful movements for dressage. He is genetically tested for colour and he has a dominant gene for black, he has black progeny with bay mares. Donoso VII now has progeny all over the world bred in USA, Europe, Australia and even Southafrica!
You can see some of his offspring are listed here and for offspring for sale see section Horses for sale Vikingapre

FAI frozen semen stored and available to AUSTRALIA, USA and EUROPE. Donoso's FAI has proven excellent top quality and has been successfully used by mareowners all over the world since 2011. In Denmark one breeder had a outstanding result from only 3 dosis inseminating 5 mares confirming pregnancy on all five. Donoso VII has also been used successfully with advanced breeding techniques such as embryo transfer.


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Clinic Juan Manuel Muñoz May 2014

Home training Dec 2014

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE
Yeguada Vikinga PRE

Yeguada Vikinga PRE