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Donoso Prix St George debute

CDN*** Valencia 2012

Time for Donoso VII and me to do our first Prix St George! 
We went with family to the lovely dressage facility of Oliva Nova on the coast of Valencia. Lovely arenas, very hot and the staff even had to remove a sunbathing snake from one of the competition arenas! Funny!
We arrived the day before and got the chance to train on the arenas, in the lovely warm cool evening breeze. Donoso was of course behaving as a star, by now I take for granted he is 100% cooperative which makes competing, or anything, a pure pleasure of course, that horse! 
The day for the competition it was rather hot and I was struggling to be prepared but not too tired, Donoso had been training under roof for over a year so not used to scorching sun. I was so proud of him, he did super extended trot (8), great half pass and canter pirouettes but missed a bit in flying changes as he was tired and not enough jumpy for those. Nailed the halts. I need to practice maintaining strenght, not easy with nerves, heat and fibromyalgia, but I absolutely love competing, Donoso has a fantastic talent so I have a good incentive to continue!

Very proud of Donoso!

Donoso VII in Prix St George debute

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