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ARTICO VIK - Available for breeding 2016

ARTICO VIK - Available for breeding 2016 - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Born: 2013                                                                                                     Artico 20 months Nov 2014
Breeder: Yeguada Vikingapre 
Dam: Picara PM
Sire: Sol PM II
Colour; Perlino
Genecode; ggEEAaCCrPrlpchchzz
Height: Estimated 172 cm 
Breedingstatus; APTO 2016

Artico was born on a freezing cold night in Madrid slightly premature but eager to live. With 1,5 years he has already grown into a tall handsome stallion with impressive physique, wonderful temperament and incredible movements. Artico is our genetic treasure with bloodlines coming down from Gaucho III and he has has the rare colour genetics of CrPrlp which opens up the most intresting colour possibilities including isabelo. Genetically tested we can guarantee following colours to his offspring; 
Black, smoky black, smoky cream, bay, buckskin, perla, grey, isabelo and perlino offspring, the result depending on the genetics of the mare.
You are welcome to consult me if your mare is genetically tested to predict your mares offspring in combination with Artico's chart. 

Artico will represent Vikinga's breedingprogram and will be available for breeding 2016!


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Offspring Artico VIK
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Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Vikinga Sales & Breeding